Kennedy Krieger School Programs

Address: 707 North Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21205
Phone: (443) 923-9200 Email: NO EMAIL Website:

The Kennedy Krieger School is a Maryland certified special needs school with four campuses and over 165 students across downtown Baltimore. As a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, Kennedy Krieger won the 2012 Leadership and Innovation in Special Education Award. There are K-8, high school, and LEAP transition programs in least restrictive environments. Tuition is covered by state funds

Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Department of Special Education includes a number of programs that offer services to children with disabilities in a variety of settings. Kennedy Krieger School programs offer special education and related services to students aged 3-21 in three-day school settings and in partnership settings within public schools.

The array of disorders served includes: autism, learning disabilities, speech/language disorders, orthopedic disabilities, traumatic brain injury, and intellectual disabilities. Students with multiple disabilities are also included in this group. In addition, a full range of related services are also provided in order to implement Individual Education Plans (IEPs) in the least restrictive environment. Special education services focus on the development of academic, social, emotional and behavioral skills through trans-disciplinary comprehensive instruction in an environment that recognizes and capitalizes on the individual strengths of each child.

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