Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet

Address: 500 Metro Street, Capital Plaza Tower, 9th Floor
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: (502) 564-0372 Fax: (502) 5645959 Website:

The Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet's purpose is to help all Kentuckians excel, not just in academics, but also in life. We promote lifelong learning through school, work and other training opportunities. Through the work of its dedicated employees in eight departmental agencies and offices, the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet is determined to provide life-long educational and workforce services through seamless, efficient and accessible learning opportunities for all Kentucky's citizens, from pre-school to senior citizens. The Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, shares common values of integrity, teamwork, accountability, trust and transparency that will guide us in our dealings with citizens, stakeholders and other agencies. 
Employment:  The Department of Workforce Investment connects Kentucky to employment, workforce information and training. The agencies in Workforce Investment include the Office of Employment and Training, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Office for the Blind, and Office for Career and Technical Education. To find more information about the services offered by WFI, visit their website.
Education: The Kentucky Department of Education provides services and resources to Kentucky's public school system, grades preschool through 12. The department's responsibilities include data reporting, assistance to local school districts, assessment and accountability for school improvement, and implementation of state and federal education legislation. To find out more about the programs offered by KDE.
Environmental Education:  The Kentucky Environmental Education Council was established to improve Kentuckians’ understanding of their environment through education, communication and information. It promotes a healthy environment by working with schools, colleges and universities, businesses, local governments, private organizations and citizens.
Libraries and Archives: The Department for Libraries and Archives dates its origin to 1825, when the Kentucky State Library was established by the Kentucky General Assembly to serve state government in Frankfort. KDLA is one of 10 state agencies in the United States that combine library, archival and public records programs.
Educational Television – KET’s mission is education. As a leader in lifelong learning, KET is in every Kentucky community providing in-school and at-home educational programs for children and adults, as well as professional development seminars for educators and training programs for child care providers. As Kentucky’s only statewide public media resource, KET serves the Commonwealth via digital and high-definition broadcast technology, producing and presenting programming unique to Kentucky. These fascinating programs explore Kentucky history, arts, and culture and connect citizens to important events, issues, and public affairs. 
Center for School Safety: The Kentucky Center for School Safety (KCSS) was established by the General Assembly in 1998 to serve as a single source for information regarding all facets of school safety.   KCSS supports the idea that school culture improves when a school-wide prevention plan consistently addresses the needs of all students to encourage a safe and healthy learning environment.

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