Kentucky Medical Association

Address: 4965 US Hwy 42, Suite 2000
Louisville, KY 40222-6301
Phone: (502) 426-6200 Fax: (502) 4266877 Website:

Established in 1851, the Kentucky Medical Association is a professional organization for physicians throughout the Commonwealth. The Kentucky Medical Association, through various committees working with the Kentucky Department of Public Health, the cancer centers and other health agencies and organizations, promotes the physical  health and well being of all Kentuckians. The KMA works on behalf of physicians and the patients they serve to ensure the delivery of quality, affordable healthcare. KMA assures quality care for Kentucky patients by:

  • Addressing Kentucky’s physician workforce shortage through the Patient Physician Partnership, solutions to ensure patients’ access to quality healthcare.
  • Providing educational resources to improve patient safety including a website.
  • Developing resources on several public health initiatives including diabetes, smoking cessation, disaster preparedness, heart disease and stroke

Patient Resources:



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