Keystone Blind Association

Address: 1230 Stambaugh Avenue
Sharon, PA 16146
Phone: (724) 347-5501 Fax: (724) 3472204 Email: Website:

"The Keystone Blind Association opened its doors in 1947, due the passion and conviction of one woman, Lillian Rosenblum. Even at that time, she recognized the need for support and services for blind and severely visually impaired persons, so that they might be able to not merely survive, but thrive in a “sighted world”. So she decided to be the advocate for this group of people; by garnering the support of community leaders and obtaining a charter from Pennsylvania Association for the Blind, a new human services agency (KBA) was born.

Since that time, KBA has expanded its reach to include all of Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio, and its scope to embrace Children’s Programs, Prevention of Blindness and employment for blind and disabled individuals."

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