The Kidz Club Portland

Address: 225 N. 25th Street
Louisville, KY 40212
Phone: 502-365-2426 Fax: 502-365-2429 Email: Website:

The Kidz Club is a Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Facility (PPEC).  We serve children birth up to 21 years of age that have a medical diagnosis that requires some level of skilled nursing.  Our children receive ongoing medical treatment, constant assessment, and supervision while being in a stimulating social and educational program.  This holistic approach to care enables children who are medically complex to excel in a structured, fun environment with other children. 

The service also strengthens family unity by allowing the parent to return to work or school. Our goal is to let “Kidz be Kidz”.  The Kidz Club encourages independence, peer interaction, and new experiences at each stage of the child’s development in an inclusive environment. Download our brochure here

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