Kingsbury Day School (students with Learning Differences)

Address: 5000 14th Street, N.W.
Washington,, DC 20011
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The Kingsbury Day School educates students with a range of learning differences and ADHD in a comprehensive, supportive, and differentiated PreK-12 diploma program. We strive to create an enriching educational experience for our students and equip them to lead productive and fulfilling lives beyond Kingsbury. To accomplish this mission our program:

  • Provides differentiated instruction and individualized, related services to meet the needs of a diverse student population.
  • Ensures parents and families are partners in the students' educational experience.
  • Offers an extended-year option for high school students.




Kingsbury Day School – offers numerous opportunities for students to participate in clubs, electives, and extracurricular activities where they can explore different interests, make friends outside of the classroom setting, and develop leadership skills.


Arts/Drama/MusicIn addition to our rich course offerings in these areas, our fine and performing arts departments provides students with rich opportunities to showcase their talent and creativity. The annual Art Salon highlights students’ artistic skills, as students from both the Upper, Middle, and Lower School sing and play instruments, perform original poetry and plays, and display their artwork. Each spring, the Drama Club mounts a production for the Kingsbury community, while our percussion ensemble, “Bring the Noise,” performs at assemblies and other special occasions.


Our digital music students have visited a recording studio to make CD’s of their original compositions, while art students take frequent trips to the area’s acclaimed art museums to see and draw works of art, and our English 11 and 12 students have participated in workshops on Shakespearian drama and have written and performed their own plays as part of a city-wide contest.


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Diagnostic and Psychological Services (DAPS) – provides comprehensive testing services for children and adults who have experienced difficulty learning. Our psychologists are trained to administer a wide variety of assessment tools to diagnose learning disabilities and difficulties and to make recommendations based on the findings. We are able to evaluate a broad range of issues including social-emotional and behavior problems as well as assessment of ADD/ADHD.


The DAPS division also administers admissions tests to children applying to independent schools. Psychotherapy services are offered through DAPS to Kingsbury students, students attending local private and public schools, and members of the greater community.


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Tutoring Services – are available to individuals of all ages in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. Kingsbury's certified tutors have the educational background and specialized skills to help children and adults learn.


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