Lafayette Parks and Recreation – Louisiana

Address: 705 West University Avenue
Lafayette, LA 70506
Phone: (337) 291-8200 Website:

One component of the Lafayette Parks and Recreation (LRPD) is the Therapeutic Recreation Program, which offers recreational and leisure opportunities to senior citizens as well as disabled children and adults.
The Therapeutic Recreation Program also works with area law enforcement personnel to help at-risk citizens learn new recreation and coping skills. For more information contact:
Denise Ferguson, Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator, at 291-8127.
Athletic Programs

Therapeutic Recreation

Girard Park Recreation Center

Phone: (337) 291-8379

Bowles Activity Center

Phone: (337) 291-8381

Comeaux Recreation Center

Phone: (337) 291-8875

Domingue Recreation Center

Phone: (337) 291-5558

Martin Luther King Recreation Center

Phone: (337) 291-5561

George Dupuis Recreation Center

Phone: (337) 291-8377

Heymann Park Recreation Center

Phone: (337) 291-5562

J. Carlton James Recreation Center

Phone: (337) 291-8386

Thomas Park Recreation Center

Phone: (337) 291-5553

Robicheaux Recreation Center

Phone: (337) 291-8885

Other Informative Contact Info:
Frank Wittenberg, Athletic Programs Supervisor: 291-8362
Terry Godfrey, Recreation Coordinator: 291-8380
Bill Verret, Recreation Coordinator: 291-8368
Athletic Programs (Main 8 am – 5 pm weekdays – 291-8362

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