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WHO WE ARE: To learn, to grow, to reach for the stars … these are the goals and dreams of the people served by Lakemary — children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Founded in 1969 by the cooperative efforts of parent advocates, community leaders, and the Ursuline Community of Sisters, LAKEMARY has expanded today to provide a complete array of services to persons of all ages in Miami and Johnson County communities. LAKEMARY is headquartered on a beautiful 32 acre campus in Paola, Kansas. In this inspiring setting, youngsters reap the many benefits of our unique children's center, featuring a residential school and treatment program. Adults served by LAKEMARY live in apartments and homes in Paola and Johnson County. Most are employed at our work centers or in community jobs.

Lakemary Center Services:

Children's Services:

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program (PRTF) – Psychiatric residential treatment for children who have severe developmental disabilities and concurrent psychiatric disorders. A wide array of specialized treatment modalities are utilized including:
Counseling, Psychiatry, Art Therapy, Speech Therapy, Music Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Psychological Assessment, Adaptive Physical Education, Health Services, Dietician Services, 24 Hour Therapeutic Treatment/365 days per year, On-Site Fully Accredited K-12 Special Education School and a Intensive Behavioral Supports (IBS) Program.

Intensive Behavioral Supports (IBS) Program – Lakemary developed the Intensive Behavioral Supports (IBS) Program in 2010. This newly created program was designed for children whose treatment needs were even greater than those that could normally be accommodated in a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF). These high needs youth can now be served in a PRTF setting, receiving one-on-one 24/7 specialized supports to learn the basic skills necessary for success in transitioning to a less restrictive PRTF environment. Lakemary's IBS program is now being modeled by other agency providers throughout Kansas and the Midwest. This program has allowed Lakemary to reach some of Kansas' highest needs children sooner providing new opportunities to reduce the level of supports that will be needed into adulthood.

Service Coordination For Children: Have you ever felt confused about the developmental disability services system?
Do you wonder if your child is getting what they need and deserve from the school system?
Are you worried about the future when your son or daughter may need more assistance than you can provide on your own?

These are some of the reasons why individuals and families look to LAKEMARY Center for service coordination or case management. LAKEMARY is committed to honoring choices and maximizing possibilities. Services include assessment, support planning and coordination, transition planning, and advocacy. Individual needs are addressed on a personal level.

Supported Family Living- There are times when a child’s developmental disability leaves their natural family unable to cope. At such times, Lakemary can step in to help broaden the circle of loving care by matching and placing children in need, between the ages of 5-21, with a Lakemary-trained therapeutic family.

All providers in our Supported Family Living Program are carefully screened and trained, and each is licensed annually based on a review by the Kansas Department of Health & Environment. Throughout each child’s stay with a provider family, Lakemary provides ongoing support to assure success. Placements may be long or short-term and the involvement of the natural family is always encouraged.

The funding for our Supported Family Living program comes from Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS). The level of reimbursement provided is substantially greater than that for typical foster care. Lakemary Guides the Process Every Step of the Way. We will:
Match children with appropriate family providers
Supply training and on-going support to family providers
Supervise an Annual Family Assessment
Arrange the mandatory annual license reviews by the Department of Health & Environment

Infant Toddler Program- A child’s experiences in the first few years after birth establish a foundation that lasts a lifetime. For a child with developmental delays or disabilities, these experiences should include early intervention services which allow them to blossom and grow. Using familiar, comfortable settings such as the home or community day care, Lakemary provides a variety of life-enhancing and educational services to infants and toddlers, age birth to three years, who reside in Miami, Linn, Anderson and parts of Franklin County.

Children participating in the program are served by a caring team of Lakemary professionals who work closely with families in the early intervention process. They provide early childhood education, speech therapy, occupational therapy and community supports in the related services of nutrition, audiology, health & medical care, vision, and physical therapy, as well as assist in the development of other community supports for the family.

Adult Services:

Adult Residential Services- Whether home means a house, a group residence or an apartment,Lakemary provides an array of opportunities for adults to live as independently as possible, while receiving the level of support and structure they want and need. Lakemary Center provides support to more than 100 adults who live in a variety of settings in Paola and Southern Johnson County.Lakemary Center – Hartley House.

All individuals are provided health services and regular follow-ups as needed by professional nursing staff, in order to coordinate their medical needs. This wellness concept is critical to developing a self-sufficient attitude and is emphasized through nutrition and exercise programs as well as many opportunities for recreational, leisure and spiritual activities. Contact us today for referral or admission information.

Adult Day Services: Lakemary operates two Day Service Centers, one in Paola and one in Olathe, each of which provides a full continuum of supports, Monday through Friday. Many of the adults served by Lakemary have community employment as a goal. For some, basic skill development is key. For still others, pursuing meaningful leisure activities is most important. It is our goal to make every pursuit achievable for our adult clients, through our flexible menu of services.

Typically, about half of the adults who receive supports from Lakemary work in community jobs. Their success is supported by Lakemary staff’s skilled intervention in the development and maintenance of these jobs. Community employers have come to recognize the quality of employees they can hire through Lakemary, and appreciate the level of support that our staff will provide as needed. In addition, Lakemary provides a safety net for individuals when and if they lose their jobs in the community, by providing in-house work and all other types of support necessary to make the transition between jobs a successful and positive experience.

Lakemary Center – Adult Day Services through subcontracts with local manufactures, individuals have the opportunity to do paid work either in our service centers or in enclaves that go to local businesses. Individuals can work at the pace, and for the period of time that is comfortable for them; while allowing time and opportunity to pursue other important activities.

Life Skills Training – Training options include everything from basic personal hygiene courses to job interviewing skills to personal and social development discussion groups. The flexibility of Lakemary work services allows individuals to participate in this type of learning on an “as needed” basis.

Valued Activities – For some individuals, employment is not a current goal. Lakemary supports this choice by providing an alternative program in which individuals can enjoy meaningful leisure activities, both in the community and in a warm homelike environment.

Giving Back To The Community – Throughout our 40 year history of providing services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we have been immeasurably enriched by the efforts of people generously offering their services as a volunteer to our agency and to our individuals served. The most often quoted reason people give for why they volunteer is that they want to "give back to the community". Volunteering promotes personal growth, self-esteem and a deeper connection to one's community. With this spirit of volunteerism in mind, Lakemary Adult Day Services has developed and promotes opportunities for adults served to volunteer their services and time to other non-profit organizations and businesses.

Lakemary School:
Kansas City area school districts often look to Lakemary to offer students with special needs in grades K-12 the chance to explore and develop personal strength in educational pursuits and independent living skills. We are IEP team-centered and driven, focused on developing and implementing education plans that support growth in children who have mental retardation, behavior disorders, and other developmental disabilities, including autism and severe multiple disabilities. A wide array of services are offered by over 60 educational staff including:
Psychological Assessment, Vocational Training, Adaptive Physical Education, Snoezelen (multi-sensory) room, Safe Crisis Management, Behavior Support Plans, Swimming (Seasonal), Social Service Support, Basic Life/Social Skills Training, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Behavioral Levels System, School Nursing Services, and IEP-based Classroom Instruction.


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