Langston Pediatric Therapy – Yorkville ILLINOIS

Address: 143 Garden Street
Yorkville, IL 60560
Phone: (630) 553-8444 Website:

Langston Pediatric Therapy specializes in creative and playful pediatric therapy that helps children reach their potential through optimal learning. Offering professional evaluation, consultation, treatment and child advocacy services, Langston Pediatric Therapy engages children and their families in a program of support. Serving children from infancy through adolescence, Langston Pediatric Therapy fosters growth and stability. Our team regularly collaborates with other professional disciplines to deliver a comprehensive, one-on-one approach for the development of a child's participation, motivation, and skills acquisition.

We practice Ayers Sensory Integration® to introduce sensory experiences that provide just right challenges where your child must make adaptive responses to meet them. Our sessions are child-directed to allow your child to seek out what they need and adapt their behavior. Occurring in the context of play and nurtured by a vigilant therapist, we provide an environment where your child will be actively engaged and want to participate through intrinsic motivation. 

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