Lead Pediatric Physical Therapy

Address: 610 S Jennings Ave, Ste E
Fort Worth, TX 76104
Phone: (682) 231-2674 Email: chrissybooher@gmail.com Website: https://leadpediatrics.com/

Lead Pediatric Physical Therapy provides in-home pediatric physical therapy evaluations and treatment sessions for infants and young children.

Therapy sessions are play-based, which sets infants and children up for success in an environment that is fun, nurturing, and safe. Working together in your child’s home environment also helps to better understand your family’s and child’s routines so that they may best coach you in activities and exercises to work on with your child in between sessions. Lead Pediatrics’ owner, Chrissy Booher, MS, PT has been a Physical Therapist since 1999 and is a mother of 4. She is trained in NDT, with special emphasis on working with infants.

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