Learning² eSchool of Wichita, KS

Address: 412 S. Main Street
Wichita,, KS 67202
Phone: (316) 973-5181 Fax: (316) 9737916 Website: http://www.learning2eschool.com

Learning² eSchool of Wichita is an accredited public school at home program for students in kindergarten through high school. Our tuition-free program combines the accountability of a public school, the innovation of online learning and the supportive environment of home schooling. We provide everything students need to maximize their potential: first-class curriculum, high quality teaching, state-of-the-art technology and community connections.

Creative problem-solving, leadership, critical thinking, imagination, and responsibility are vital for a thoughtful and fulfilling life. Our curriculum is designed to develop these skills providing students with the ability to navigate in the global community. Our students have multiple opportunities to develop intellectually and creatively.

There is a passion for learning and a joy for living in our program. Early courses provide students with a firm grasp of fundamental principles, focusing on the development of sound study skills and problem-solving techniques. As students progress, they have the opportunity to select from a range of elective courses. Students are encouraged to take Advanced Placement courses in areas in which they are proficient.


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