Learning Disabilities Association of Kansas (LDAK)

Address: P.O. Box 4603
Topeka,, KS 66604
Phone: (785) 273-4505 Email: acronin@olatheschools.com Website: http://www.ldakansas.org

Our Mission:
LDAK is a nonprofit, volunteer organization whose purpose is to advance the education and general well-being of children and adults with learning disabilities.
What are the goals of LDAK?
To increase public awareness and understanding of learning disabilities
To support individuals with learning disabilities and their families through information sharing and education
To develop and promote legislative assistance
To enhance communication with regular and special educators at all levels

Links & Resources include:
Learning Disabilities Online – The "Leading Web site on learning disabilities for parents, teachers and other professionals."

Learning Disabilities Association – "The Learning Disabilities Association of America is a national, non-profit organization whose purpose is to advance the education and general welfare of children and adults of normal or potentially normal intelligence who manifest disabilities of a perceptual, conceptual, or coordinative nature."

Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

ADD Warehouse – "The leading resource for the understanding and treatment of all developmental disorders, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and related problems."

Wrights Law -Where "parents, advocates, educators, and attorneys come to Wrightslaw for accurate, up-to-date information about effective advocacy for children with disabilities."

UDEL – Teaching College Students with Learning Disabilities

International Dyslexia Association – The International Dyslexia Association (formerly The Orton Dyslexia Society) The Association has 42 branches across the country which offer informational meetings and support groups. Referrals are made for persons seeking resources, in addition, the Association publishes journals and publications regarding dyslexia.

Schwab Learning – a program area of the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation, is dedicated to helping kids with learning differences be successful in learning and life. The Schwab Learning website provides reliable, research-based information and guidance. Developed especially for parents of children who are newly identified as having a learning difference, it is designed to be a parent's "guide" through the new and unfamiliar landscape of LD.
Learning Ally (formerly Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic)

Operators provide information on over 80,000 recorded textbooks and other classroom materials, from 4th grade through postgraduate levels, available for loan. Callers with learning disabilities are eligible to participate but must complete the certification requirements.

Learning Disabilities Resources – Technology expert (and adult dyslexic) Richard Wanderman's up-to-the-minute review of software and hardware for people with learning disabilities.


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