Learning Disabilities Association of Nebraska

Address: 3135 N 93rd Street
Omaha, NE 68134
Phone: (402) 348-1567 Email: ldaofneb@yahoo.com Website: https://ldaamerica.org/lda-chapters/nebraska/


"Are you a person with learning disabilities, a parent of a child with learning disabilities, a professional working with individuals with learning disabilities, or an interested party visiting our web site? LDA of Nebraska welcomes you.
Your chances of knowing a person with learning disabilities are very good; they comprise 10-20% of the population, cutting across every segment of society. Can we afford the loss of the talents and contributions of this proportion of the population? Of even one person?
Sharing information about learning disabilities is our first priority and this is a grand opportunity to do just that. If you do not find the answers to your questions, help us to help you and perhaps others, by letting us know how we can better serve you. We invite you to visit our membership page and find out how you can become a part of LDA of Nebraska.
Common learning disabilities are in the areas of reading (dyslexia), math (dyscalculia), and writing (dysgraphia), and are often further complicated by related disorders such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. LDA of Nebraska believes that every person with learning disabilities can be successful in school, at work, in relationships, and in their community — given the right opportunities and support! Our mission is to provide such support and increase opportunities for all people with learning disabilities."

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