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At Hunter Learning Solutions, we believe in treating the entire child, not just putting bandages on the obvious issues.

That's why we screen for deficiencies at every level of the learning ladder. By starting at the bottom and working up, we are able to identify weaknesses at the lower levels of learning which are affecting the upper levels of learning.

A comprehensive evaluation process is used to determine at what level your child should start re-training their learning skills. Tested and researched programs are then implemented in addition to making referrals to other specialists when needed. We also offer guarantees with each program.

Specializing in evaluations, treatment and referrals in the following skill areas:
Processing Speed
Working Memory
Visual Processing
Vision Therapy
Word Attack
Auditory Analysis
Auditory Processing
Logic & Reasoning
Selective Attention
Sensory Integration

Also working with students in the following academic areas:

Our Programs

Hunter Learning Solutions is proud to offer its Early Learners™ program. Specifically designed to prepare 4 year-olds for Kindergarten, Early Learners™ is a 6-week, 12-class program with fun activities to help your child with:
Fine & Gross Motor Skills
Listening and Looking Skills
Personal & Social Skills
Language & Communication Skills
Problem Solving Skills
Reading, Writing & Math Skills

We also offer programs for all children and adults to remediate difficulties in the following learning skill and academic areas:
Auditory processing
Visual Processing
Processing Speed
Auditory & Visual Memory
Logic & Reasoning

Hunter Learning Solutions utilizes the latest brain-based programs such as:
Learning Ears
PACE Processing and Cognitive Enhancement
Vision Therapy


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