LifeBridge Partnership

Address: 11457 Olde Cabin Road, Suite 235
St. Louis, MO 63141
Phone: (314) 989-1188 Fax: (314) 989-1199 Email: Website:

LifeBridge Partnership is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation founded in 1927. Originally known as St. Louis Society for Crippled Children, the agency has undergone several name and programmatic changes but has been in continuous service to individuals with disabilities in the St. Louis area.

Our mission: Building bridges to a life of social independence for individuals with disabilities. 

We accomplish this mission by:

  • Focusing on individual abilities and providing personalized supports
  • Delivering services in authentic community based settings
  • Providing accessible transportation services

Our compassionate, family-oriented culture reaches a wide segment of the community to fulfill a variety of support needs for individuals with disabilities. We serve individuals through three programs: LifeBridge Camps, Afterschool Enrichment Clubs, and Out and About.

LifeBridge Camps
Our camps provide opportunities to participate in a variety of activities, field trips, and fun! Camps are offered throughout the year when school is not in session. Transportation services are available door-to-door or from centralized meet-up points.

After-school Enrichment Clubs
Leaders Club provides interactive, engaging activities designed to promote self-confidence and social skills critical to success in the workplace and community life. The program incorporates field trips, guest speakers, and hands-on activities. Leaders Club is offered two times per week for 90 minute sessions. Transportation home is provided on a limited basis.

Out and About
The Out and About programequips participants with the skills necessary to maximize their potential through recreation and social activities that promote community life. Focused skill development includes navigating the community safely, communicating with others, and advocating for oneself. Community-based outings occur throughout the month and are offered in a small group setting. Transportation services may be provided from a centralized meet-up point or door-to-door as needed.

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