Lightfoot Cycles

Address: 3306 DVN Lane
Darby, MT 59829
Phone: (406) 821-4750 Email: Website:

We design and build dynamic, evolving and improving human-powered vehicles.   We seek to grow a socially and ecologically responsible organization.  We work to build respectful and honest personal relations within our company and with our suppliers and our clients.  We strive to pay fair wages and charge fair prices.   We increasingly use renewable energy and renewable/recyclable materials in making our cycles.   We seek to understand an appropriate place for human power in modern technology, and to understand the impact our product can have on individuals, communities and the biosphere. We have a number of different bicycle, tricycle and quadracycle models. These include recumbent bicycles and cargo tricycles, with options for special needs, power assists and all-weather riding..  Some individuals will need one particular model of cycle to best meet very specific needs.  Other persons, families or organizations may have a wide range of ways in which they intend to use the cycle, and thus may be served almost equally well by any of several different types.  Please call or email if you have any questions about which Lightfoot would be appropriate for you and your application.

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