Lindamood-Bell Learning Centers- Charlotte Learning Center

Address: 4419 Sharon Road
Charlotte, NC 28211
Phone: (704) 362-4556 Fax: (704) 3624559 Email: Website:

Our Learning Centers offer one-to-one instruction, which often produces years of learning gain in an average of 6 weeks of intensive instruction.  All Lindamood-Bell® Learning Centers are 100% owned, operated, and quality controlled by the original founders of Lindamood-Bell.  We do not franchise or license other providers which allows the caring staff at our Learning Centers to deliver consistent, quality instructional methodologies as intended by the authors.

Lindamood-Bell develops language processing so everyone can learn to his or her potential. In order to be a proficient learner, in any subject, it is critical that an individual is able to efficiently process information, either by listening or reading.

Our instruction helps a wide range of individuals of all ages (Pre-K through adult) by addressing the underlying skills necessary for independence and self-correction. Beyond traditional subject tutoring, we focus on the development of processing skills.

It is common to see years of learning gain in reading, comprehension, critical thinking, and spelling through just weeks of intensive instruction.

The rapport we build with our students and consistency in instruction produces superior results. All students are approached as individuals to be appreciated and aided in realizing their gifts and potential. Every aspect of our interaction is oriented to enhance our students' self-confidence and to develop trust in their abilities to think, reason, and communicate.

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