Louisiana Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities

Address: 628 N. 4th Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Phone: (225) 342-9500 Fax: (225) 3425568 Website: http://new.dhh.louisiana.gov/index.cfm/subhome/11/n/8

The Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities (OCDD) serves as the Single Point of Entry (SPOE) into the developmental disabilities services system and oversees public and private residential services and other services for people with developmental disabilities. The Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities is committed to ensuring quality services and supports, information and opportunities for choice to people of Louisiana with developmental disabilities and their families.

Directory of Regional Office, Districts and Authorities:
OCDD Central Office:
Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals
Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities
628 North 4th Street
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802
Phone: 1.225.342.0095
Toll-Free: 1.866.783.5553
Fax: 1.225.342.8823
E-Mail: ocddinfo@la.gov

Programs and Services:
OCDD operates1 Group Home and  three supports & services centers (formerly called developmental centers), which provide residential services along with an array of community-based supports and services.

  • Children's Choice Waiver: Offers supplemental support to children through age 18 who currently live at home with their families or with a foster family. Learn more.
  • Early Steps Program: EarlySteps provides services to families with infants and toddlers aged birth to three years (36 months) who have a medical condition likely to result in a developmental delay, or who have developmental delays. Children with delays in cognitive, motor, vision, hearing, communication, social-emotional or adaptive development may be eligible for services. EarlySteps services are designed to improve the family's capacity to enhance their child's development. These services are provided in the child's natural environment, such as the child's home, child care or any other community setting typical for children aged birth to 3 years (36 months). 
  • New Opportunities Waiver: Offers people age 3 and older who otherwise would require the level of care of an Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled (ICFs/DD) services that allow them to remain in their communities. Services are based on the need of the recipient and are developed using a person-centered process to formulate an individualized plan.
  • Supports Waiver: Offers focused, individualized vocational services to people age 18 and older who otherwise would require the level of care of an Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled (ICFs/DD).
  • Residential Options Waiver: Offers people of all ages services designed to support them to move from ICFs/DD and nursing facilities to community-based settings, and to serve as an alternative to institutionalization
  • Flexible Family Funds: OCDD provides monthly stipends to families of eligible children with severe or profound developmental disabilities from birth to age 18 to help their families meet extraordinary costs. These subsidies are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Individual and Family Support Services:  Provides assistance not available from any other resource that will allow people with developmental disabilities to live in their own homes or with their families in their own community.
  • Community Supports and Services: These services are provided to people who need intensive treatment intervention to allow them to remain in their community setting.
  • Resource Center: OCDD Resource Centers extend their services to people with disabilities, their families, providers, professionals, and other state agencies, and are designed to build capacity of community providers. They are committed to enhancing quality of life by identifying, maximizing and supplementing the existing supports through utilization of expertise within the services system.  Each resource center has a specialty area.
    • Leesville Residential and Employment Services Center (Group Home)
    • Northlake Supports and Services Center
    • Northwest Supports and Services Center
    • Pinecrest Supports and Services Center

Developmenal Disabilities Services Directory:

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