Louisiana Rehabilitation Services State Office – Vocation Rehabilitation

Address: 627 N. 4th Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Phone: (225) 219-2225 Fax: (225) 2194993 Email: James.Wallace@dss.state.la.us Website: http://www.laworks.net/workforcedev/lrs/lrs_rehabilitation.asp

Vocational Rehabilitation, a program of Louisiana Rehabilitation Services, is a one-stop career development program that offers individuals with disabilities a wide range of services designed to provide them with the skills, resources, attitudes, and expectations needed to compete in the interview process, get the job, keep the job, and develop a lifetime career.
LRS' Vocational Rehabilitation Program provides comprehensive rehabilitation services that frequently includes;

  • Work evaluation
  • Job Readiness Services
  • Assessment for and provision of Assistive Technology, such as customized computer interfaces for persons with physical or sensory disabilities
  • Job Counseling Services
  • Medical and Therapeutic services

Contact Information:
Louisiana Rehabilitation Services State Office
Vocational Rehabilitation

Workforce Commission, Louisiana Rehabilitation Services
Roseland Starks, Director
627 N. 4th Street
Baton Rouge, LA  70802
Phone: (225) 219-2225
Toll Free: (800) 737-2958 (in LA)

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