Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding, Inc

Address: PO Box 44517
Rio Rancho, NM 87174
Phone: 505-554-9493 Email: info@lovingthunder.com Website: http://www.lovingthunder.com/accueil.html

Our Programs Include:
Kids without Disability Riding Program
Are you a parent with a child without disabilities looking for a SAFE riding environment for your child age 4-15 to learn the basics of horsemanship. This is the program for you and your child. Our goal is to teach your child everything he or she needs to know to be safe around horses. They will be participating in grooming, tacking up (saddling), and riding skills. These classes may be inclusive with special needs children or adults, but your child’s curriculum will be customized to fit their needs. Volunteers will be assigned as needed to ensure safety, but children are challenged to do everything to become independent equestrians.

Our Special Needs Riders
Our special needs riders are a great bunch of people that love to be around the horses and ride with confidence. The joy on their faces when they achieve their goals makes your heart jump for joy. They are working on a variety of skills including gross motor, fine motor, balance, self confidence, and accomplishment. Our riders come with a variety of challenges including Autism, Down syndrome, developmental delays, spinal disease and injury, traumatic brain injury, and many more.

Loving Thunder is a year around program. We recognize the need for consistency in our riders lives. So we ride year around. Our sessions are scheduled with 6 weeks of riding and 2 weeks of break throughout the year (except Christmas when we take a full month for Christmas and New Years Holidays). Normal holiday weekends are generally scheduled around since we know families like to have 3 day weekends too. Our horses enjoy a little R & R also. Our team will provide a schedule for your rider.

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