Lund Family Center

Address: 76 Glen Road, PO Box 4009
Burlington, VT 05406-4009
Phone: (802) 864-7467 Fax: (802) 8641619 Email: Website:

Director – Kim Coe


"For over 120 years, Lund has been making a positive and lasting difference in the lives of women, children and families in our home state of Vermont, and well beyond.  We serve over 5,000 people in Vermont each year and hundreds more throughout the country.
Originally founded as a maternity home in 1890, Lund has evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of society, yet never straying from our mission of helping children to thrive.  Today, Lund is a comprehensive treatment center and family support agency, offering an array of integrated services in response to the needs of pregnant or parenting teens and women, adoptive families, and children. 
Nationally recognized and locally lauded, Lund focuses on three goals: Reducing child abuse & neglect; Preventing teen pregnancy; Ensuring every child has a loving family and a secure home. All that we do – facilitating adoption, caring for infants and toddlers while parents work, treating women for substance abuse and mental health issues, counseling pregnant women and teens, teaching and modeling parenting skills, providing access to education and job training, and a host of other services  – helps children thrive and promotes strong families. At Lund you will find: Vermont’s oldest and largest private, non-profit adoption agency; Vermont’s only residential treatment center that allows children to stay with their mothers while receiving treatment, a feature that leads to improved outcomes for the children.  Lund is a leader in woman-focused, family-centered substance abuse recovery; 5 STARs (highest rating) Early Childhood Education Center for infants and toddlers; Fully accredited education programs, including high school, college prep and GED programs for pregnant and parenting students; One of Vermont’s designated Parent Child Centers delivering easily accessed support services, such as home visiting, training and assistance to families in Chittenden County; An effective resource for teen pregnancy prevention through a peer education outreach program.  "

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