Magnolia Speech School

Address: 733 N Flag Chapel Road
Jackson, MS 39209
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Magnolia Speech School is a private not-for profit school which has provided an intensive auditory/oral program for the hearing –impaired children of Mississippi since 1956. Magnolia Speech School offers small classes, individualized instruction, and a caring environment. All instruction is auditory/oral.  Magnolia Speech School has a long-standing reputation for offering hope and fresh opportunities to Mississippi’s hearing-impaired Children.
Magnolia Speech School is a private, non-profit school that is accredited by both the Mississippi State Department of Education (Pre-K to 8th grade) and by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges. Services Offered:
Auditory/Oral Classrooms for pre-school and elementary-age hearing-impaired children
Association Method classrooms for pre-school and elementary-age language-disordered children which include behavior management, language stimulation, and sensory integration
A community Outreach Parent-Infant Program for hearing-impaired children, ages 0-36 months
Audiological Services including hearing evaluations, cochlear implant rehabilitation, auditory training, hearing aid dispensing/maintenance, and central auditory processing assessment
Parent education/orientation
In-house and out-patient individual speech and language therapy
Extracurricular opportunities including therapeutic recreation, music, and computer instruction
Magnolia Speech School Curriculum, including over 2,000 skills in the areas of: audition, receptive language, expressive language, speech, reading, math, sound studies, science, association method, fine motor, gross motor, and social interaction
Evaluations/assessments in the area of hearing, auditory processing, speech, language, and academics

TTY (601) 922-5531 

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