Manchester Transit Authority

Address: 110 Elm Street
Manchester, NH 03101-2799
Phone: (603) 623-8801 Email: Website:

The Manchester Transit Authority was established by the City of Manchester in 1973 to provide mass transit service for the Manchester community. In addition to providing public transportation, the MTA also provides pupil transportation for the Manchster School District. 

StepSaver is an origin to destination shared-ride transportation service offered by the Manchester Transit Authority as required under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. This program provides assistance to individuals with disabilities who are unable to use the regular fixed route bus service sometimes or all of the time.

Who is eligible?
Eligibility for service is determined by the MTA under the guidelines of the ADA.

How do I apply?
To request an application, please call the MTA at 623-8801. The application package will be sent to you for completion.

Manchester Transit Authority
ATTN: StepSaver Service

110 Elm Street
Manchester, NH 03101

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