Maniilaq Assocation Village Clinics – Point Hope Clinic –

Address: P.O. Box 49
Point Hope, AK 99766
Phone: (907) 368-2234 Fax: (907) 3682569 x4100 Website:

Point Hope is located near the tip of Point Hope peninsula, a large gravel spit that forms the western-most extension of the northwest Alaskan coast, 330 miles southwest of Barrow.  Point Hope peninsula is one of the oldest continuously occupied Iñupiat Eskimo areas in Alaska; several settlements have existed on the peninsula over the past 2,500 years.

Point Hope Clinic is part of the Maniilaq Health Services which manages and maintains all medical, clinical, and nursing services, including the eleven village clinics and the Maniilaq Health Center


Health Services: 

Phone: 907-442-7340


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