Maniilaq Assocation Village Clinics – Shugnak Village Clinic – ALASKA

Address: P.O. Box 80
Shungnak, AK 99773
Phone: (907) 437-2138 Fax: (907) 4427032 x4030 Website:

Shungnak has a mayor/council form of government, employing a city manager, vice-mayor, clerk, treasurer, and police officer. Shungnak has two stores, a pool hall, three churches, a National Guard Armory, city office building, jail, post office, and village clinic


Contacting Shungnak

City of Shungnak
Phone: 907-437-2161
Fax: 907-437-2176

Shungnak Clinic
Phone: 907-437-2138
Fax: 907-437-2139

Shungnak School
Phone: 907-437-2151
Fax: 907-437-2177

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