Maniilaq Association Village Clinics – Kobuk Village Clinic – ALASKA

Address: P.O. Box 3
Kobuk, AK 99751
Phone: (907) 948-2218 Fax: (907) 4427012 Website:

Kobuk Clinic is part of the Maniilaq Association Health System. The economy of Kobuk is based on subsistence. Cash employment is limited to the school, city, I.R.A. council, and village clinic.   Seasonal construction and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) fire fighting provides some income.   For over 30 years, Maniilaq Association has provided health, tribal, and social services to residents of rural Northwest Alaska.
Contacting Kobuk

City of Kobuk
Phone: 907-948-2217
Fax: 907-948-2228

Kobuk Clinic
Phone: 907-948-2218
Fax: 907-948-2199

Kobuk School
Phone: 907-948-2231
Fax: 907-948-2225

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