Maniilaq Village Clinic – Buckland – ALASKA

Address: P.O. Box 9
Buckland, AK 99786
Phone: (907) 494-2122 Fax: (907) 4427072 Website:

The Maniilaq Assocation offers a Village Clinic in Buckland.  Buckland Alaska is located on the west bank of the Buckland River, about 75 miles southeast of Kotzebue.   Buckland has two stores, a village clinic, community hall, city council, city administrator, police officer, magistrate, a volunteer fire department, as well as a school serving grades K-12. 


Contacting Buckland

City of Buckland
Phone: 907-494-2121
Fax: 907-494-2138

Buckland Clinic
Phone: 907-494-2122

Buckland Tribal Council
Phone: 907-494-2171
Fax: 907-494-2217

Buckland School
Phone: 907-494-2127
Fax: 907-494-2106

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