Maryland Transit Administration (MTA)

Address: 4201 Patterson Avenue, 2nd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21215
Phone: (410) 764-8181 x2 Fax: (410) 7647624 Website:


Maryland Transit Administration (MTA)

4201 Patterson Avenue, 2nd Floor

Baltimore, MD 21215

Phone: 410-764-8181, Opt. 2

Fax: 410-764-7624

Transit Information Services (410) 539-5000

Toll Free: 1-866-743-3682

TTY: (410) 539-3497

The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) is a division of the Maryland Department of Transportation, and one of the largest multi-modal transit systems in the United States. MTA operates Local and Commuter Buses, Light Rail, Metro Subway, Maryland Area Regional Commuter (MARC) Train Service, and a comprehensive Para transit (Mobility) system. MTA also manages the Taxi Access system, and directs funding and statewide assistance to Locally Operated Transit Systems (LOTS) in each of Maryland’s 23 counties, Baltimore City, Annapolis and Ocean City.

Local Bus Information

The MTA serves as the coordinating agency for a variety of programs, projects and initiatives designed to encourage the use of public transportation throughout the state; to enhance the role of public transit as an economic engine for workers and businesses alike; to minimize the impact of transportation needs on the environment; and to serve as a good neighbor.  MTA bus service currently has 73 bus routes, which include 47 local buses, 4 limited stop routes (known as QuickBus), 4 express bus routes (which operate from various suburbs to downtown Baltimore), and 18 commuter bus routes (which operate from various locations mostly in central Maryland to Washington D.C.).

Mobility / Paratransit Service:

Mobility/Para transit service is for citizens who are unable to use Local Bus, Metro/Subway or Light Rail service. Mobility/Para transit service is provided by the MTA via contracts with Veolia Transportation and MV Transportation. This guide will provide helpful information on all aspects of MTA's Mobility program. Should you have questions about the program please call 410-764-8181.



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