Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Address: Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority,, Para Transit 10 Park Plaza, Rm. 5000
Boston, MA 02116, MA 02116
Phone: (617) 222-5000 Website:

Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) — The MBTA provides service for 175 cities and towns in eastern Massachusetts. THE RIDE is Para transit transportation, operated in compliance with the federal Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA). Under the ADA, Para transit functions as a ‘safety net′ for people whose disabilities prevent them from using the regular fixed-route (bus, train or trolley) system. It is not intended to be a comprehensive system of transportation that meets all the needs of persons with disabilities. THE RIDE provides door-to-door Para transit service to 62 cites and towns, in lift-equipped vehicles for eligible customers who cannot use subways, buses, or trains due to a physical, mental, or cognitive disability. Only registered THE RIDE customers may take advantage of the service.

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