Maury Magic Riders

Address: PO Box 560
Columbia, TN 38402
Phone: (931) 380-1119 Email: Website:

Maury Magic Riders offers the chance for children and adults with disabilities to learn to ride horses. This is also a chance for them to participate in an activity that might otherwise be unavailable to them. Currently, we have two PATH Int.  registered instructors and one occupational therapist, who volunteer their time with MMR.

We hold 3 riding session throughout the spring, summer and fall of each year.  Each Session lasts for six weeks.  Each rider will ride one day per week, for an hour. 
"Hippotherapy" is a term widley used to describe a licensed therapist's use of a horse to effect change in a participant's body. This differs slightly from other forms of equine assisted activities, in that the participant may not learn to ride the horse, but rather the horse is used as a tool.

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