Mental Health Department (DMH), DC

Address: 609 H Street, NE, 5th Floor
Washington,, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 673-7440 Fax: (202) 6733433 Email: Website:

The Department of Mental Health provides emergency care and comprehensive mental health services and supports to District residents in need of the public mental health system.  DMH also evaluates and treats individuals referred through the criminal justice system.


DMH serves more than 17,000 adults, children and youth and their families each year through a network of community based providers and unique government delivered services.  It operates Saint Elizabeths Hospital—the District’s inpatient psychiatric facility.


Our Vision

We envision a quality mental health system for District residents that is focused on recovery and is available and easily accessible to residents of all ages and cultures when they want it and need it.


Our Mission

The mission of DMH is to develop, manage and oversee a public mental health system for adults, children and youth and their families that is consumer driven, community based, culturally competent and supports prevention, resiliency and recovery and the overall well being of the District of Columbia.  


Select from the following links for more information about DMH services and supports:

  • Adult Services
  • Children, Youth & Family Services
  • Emergency Psychiatric Services
  • Consumers and Families
  • Homeless Services
  • Saint Elizabeths Hospital
  • School Mental Health Program
Quick Call Numbers:
24/7 Access Helpline
(888) 793-4357
Accountability, Office of
Anne Weiss, Deputy Director
(202) 673-2245
Administrative Operations
Michael Neff, Chief
(202) 673-7790
Adult Services
Alexis Haynes, Director
(202) 671-3070
Chief Clinical Officer
Dr. Cameron Ritchie (202) 673-2200
Children/Youth Services
Marie Morilus-Black, Director
(202) 671-2900
Compliance Hotline
(800) 345-5564
Consumers and Family Affairs, Office of
Vivi W. Smith, Director
(202) 673-4377
Stephen T. Baron
(202) 673-2200
Emergency Services
Cynthia Holloway, Director (202) 673-9319
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests
Deon Merene,  FOIA Officer
(202) 299-5580
General Counsel
Matthew Caspari
(202) 673-7505
Sharon W. White, Grievance Manager
(202) 673-4374
Homeless Outreach
Bob Glennon, Coordinator
(202) 672-0388
Multicultural Services 35 K Street NE  (202) 442-4202
35 K Street NE   (202) 442-4954
Provider Relations
Venida Hamilton, Director
(202) 671-3155
Public Information
Phyllis Jones, Public Information Officer 
(202) 673-1937
Saint Elizabeths Hospital
1100 Alabama Avenue SE  (202) 299-5000
Chief Executive Officer 
Dr. Patrick J. Canavan (202) 299-5500
Chief Operating Officer 
Anthea Seymour (202) 299-5150
Chief of Staff 
Beth Gouse (202) 299-5140
Same Day Service
35 K Street NE   (202) 442-4202
School Mental Health
Barbara J. Parks, Program Administrator   (202) 698-1871
Supportive Employment
Stephen Baker, Employment Specialist  (202) 671-2900

Mailing Address:

Dept. of Mental Health
Government of the District of Columbia
64 New York Avenue NE
4th Floor
Washington, DC 20002


Office Location:

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