MICHIGAN Disability Rights Coalition – Assistive Technology Program

Address: 3498 East Lake Lansing Road, Suite 100
East Lansing, MI 48823
Phone: (517) 333-2477 Fax: (517) 3332677 Email: mdrc@prosynergy.org. Website: http://mymdrc.org/

Provides an Assistive Technology Directory. This directory is focused mainly on assistive technology resources in Michigan. You can search for resources by how close it is to your location, the type of disability, the type of device, or the type of service you are seeking.

AT Xchange
AT Xchange
is a new Michigan-based website where people can buy, sell or give away assistive technology (AT).
If you have questions regarding the ATXchange please visit the Frequently Asked Questions or contact MDRC via email at ATX@prosynergy.org .

Categories of devices listed on The AT Xchange are:

  • Computers and related
  • Daily Living
  • Environmental Adaptations
  • Hearing
  • Learning, Cognitive, & Developmental
  • Mobility, Seating & Positioning
  • Recreation, Sports, and Leisure
  • Speech Communication
  • Vehicle Modification and Transportation
  • Vision
  • Other

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