Milwaukee Transit Plus

Address: 1942 N 17th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53205
Phone: (414) 343-1700 Fax: (414) 3431787 Website:

Milwaukee County Transit System

Transit Plus is a transportation service for individuals with a disabling illness or condition that prevents them from using Milwaukee County Transit System buses. Rides on Transit Plus cost $4.00 each way. Rides must be requested not less than one day before and not more than two weeks in advance of the date of the ride. Who Is Eligible: A person with a disability who cannot independently board, ride or get off a bus; A person whose disability-related condition or environmental barrier makes it impossible to independently travel to or from a fixed route bus stop. These are the only criteria used to determine paratransit eligibility. Personal safety, behavioral problems, age, social security status or other issues are not considered in determining eligibility. You may begin scheduling rides on the day after you are determined to be eligible.

TDD: 414-343-1704

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