Mind & Motion Developmental Centers of Georgia

Address: 5050 Research Court #800
Suwanee, GA 30024
Phone: (678) 749-7600 Fax: (678) 749-7611 Website: https://www.mindmotioncenters.com/

Mind & Motion Developmental Centers of Georgia offers a set of complementary services that individuals living with cerebral palsy can greatly benefit from. Their counseling services address issues related to peer relationships, body image and exploring the experience of developing “atypically” to others. In addition, counseling can provide individuals with the space to freely explore troublesome issues, practice acceptance, and develop tools to assist them with regulating their emotions effectively. The team of speech language pathologists at Mind & Motion treat individuals with communication and feeding disorders that may occur with cerebral palsy.

Mind & Motion is equipped to provide therapy to target oral motor strength and coordination for producing speech as well as safe chewing and swallowing. Their speech therapists also work with those who use low- or high-tech Augmentative and Alternative Communication methods. Physical therapists use comprehensive, standardized, assessments as well as client and caregiver goals to guide the treatment of those with cerebral palsy. Mind & Motion physical therapists are skilled at evaluating the client for orthotics and equipment to support the client throughout the lifespan. Additionally, therapists use positioning and supportive equipment to improve strength and functional movement skills to promote independence within the home and community.

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