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Contact: Jayne Spain
Secondary Transition Planning is the process of preparing students for life after high school and includes planning for postsecondary education or training, employment, and independent living. This page is a collection of resources and tools to help students, parents and educators plan for transition using the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process to meet both federal and state requirements.
Related links on this page include Minnesota Rule language regarding secondary transition evaluation, planning and services; Minnesota Statute language regarding Community Transition Interagency Committees; and resources for transitioning students and those who help them. The Disability Benefits 101 (DB101) website has information about how income from work may impact benefits to help users get timely information, make informed choices and help ensure work is part of the plan. Minnesota Work Incentives Connection can teach you the effect work will have on your government benefits, uncovering new choices and opportunities for you to be more in charge of your life. The Reintegration Framework and Systems Planning Toolkit is outlined below.
Reintegration Framework and Systems Planning Toolkit:
The Reintegration Framework and Systems Planning Toolkit outlines a continuous quality improvement process developed from research and data based practices for transition planning for children and youth. The tool was initially developed for children and youth in residential care and treatment education programs to provide a structured process for reintegration to and from nontraditional education programs. It has been broadened in its use to include other nontraditional education programs and may also be of help in addressing secondary transition for youth with disabilities. The Framework is a program planning tool that consists of performance indicators in five critical areas: interagency collaboration, team planning, education, supporting life skills and continuity during and post transition.


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