Mississippi Adaptive Sports

Address: 7001 Hollysprings Road
Hernando, MS 38632
Phone: (662) 233-2287 Website: http://www.msadaptivesports.com/index.html

Mississippi Adaptive Sports provides sports training, loaner equipment if available, and competitive events. Our program offers individual and team sports for athletes with physical disabilities from 7 years through adulthood who exhibit cognitive skills at or near age level. There are year round opportunities for both recreation and competitive sports for Athletes with varying degrees of physical abilities. Sports opportunities for youth and adults who use wheelchairs or have other physical disabilities. These disabilities can include visual impairment, amputates, Cerebral Palsy or Spina Bifida. We are working with the mayors and parks and recreation dept. of two cities and the Desoto county Schools in recruiting Athletes. But we need your help by sending us donations. This will help purchase equipment, train, secure venues for events and other operating cost. We need basketball chairs, hand cycles, racing chairs and other sports related items. Due to the expense of these items, some Athletes will not be able to afford proper equipment. We hope to purchase some to be loaned to the Athletes.

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