Mississippi Client Assistance Program (CAP)

Address: PO Box 4958
Jackson, MS 39296
Phone: (601) 362-2585 Fax: (601) 9821951 Website: http://msdisabilities.com/cap-program/

The Mississippi Client Assistance Program (MSCAP) is a federal grant to the State of Mississippi to provide advocacy services for clients and client applicants of the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind, and the Independent Living programs. All of these programs are part of the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services (MDRS).  There is no fee charged for any service provided by the MSCAP.  Mississippi Society for Disabilities is the administrator of this federal grant as designated by the Governor of the State of Mississippi.   Mississippi Society for Disabilities is a non-profit agency providing services for children and adults with disabilities.

 Brochure: http://msdisabilities.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/MS_Cap_Brochure1.pdf

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