Mississippi Division of Early Childhood Care and Development

Address: PO Box 352
Jackson, MS 39205
Phone: (800) 877-7882 Email: DECCD@mdhs.ms.gov Website: http://www.mdhs.state.ms.us/early-childhood-care-development/

Department of Human Services


"The mission of the Division of Early Childhood Care and Development (DECCD) is to provide subsidized child care assistance to eligible, low-income parent(s) that will enable them to become and remain employed, and to empower parent(s) to select quality child care that meets the needs of their family.
DECCD administers the federal Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF), which provides subsidized child care to income-eligible Mississippi parent(s). This is primarily accomplished through the issuance of child care certificates which parent(s) can take to their provider of choice.
DECCD is committed to quality in all forms of child care. DECCD invests CCDF dollars in professional development initiatives proven to improve the quality of child care and increase the school-readiness of enrolled children. Consequently, DECCD not only provides child care assistance that supports the state's current workforce, but also provides the state's future workforce with the early care and education necessary for success in school and later adult life."


For information & Assistance with the Mississippi Child Care Payment Program, write to:
Department of Early Childhood Care and Development DECCD 
P. O. Box 352 
Jackson, MS 39205
Child Care Payment Program Express Hotline: 1-800-877-7882
Email: ccpayment@mdhs.ms.gov
Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline: 1-800-222-8000
Child Care Facility Complaint Hotline: 1-866-489-8734


For information & Assistance with all other DECCD Programs, write to:
P. O. Box 352 
Jackson, MS 39205
Toll free: 1-800-877-7882


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