Mississippi Office of Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind (OVRB)

Address: 1281 Highway 51
Madison, MS 39110
Phone: (800) 443-1000 Website: http://www.mdrs.ms.gov/VocationalRehabBlind/Pages/default.aspx

Department of Rehabilitation Services


"MDRS offers programs and services administered through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind (OVRB) that specializes in working with blind and low vision impaired individuals to optimize their opportunities for inclusion into the workforce, community, and home.
Services provided for blind or visually impaired individuals include but are not limited to:
Orientation and mobility
Meal planning and preparation
Computer instruction
Recreation and physical conditioning
Independent living services for persons who are blind
Deaf-blind services
Vocational rehabilitation counseling
Facilities/Centers for the Blind:
MDRS leads the nation by offering two techniques of instruction to blind and visually impaired in the same state at the Addie McBryde Rehabilitation Center for the Blind in Jackson and the REACH Center for the Blind in Tupelo. The Addie McBryde Center offers traditional instruction that helps a student manage with the sight they have, including use of magnifiers, ranging from hand-held devices to computer image magnification software and closed-circuit television systems for printed image enlargement. The REACH Center offers Structured Discovery instruction that teaches the student to learn to manage without any use of sight by wearing “sleep shades"". Both centers provide intensive evaluation, training and adjustment services for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. OVRB also provides funding for an outplacement program to Mississippi Industries for the Blind. 
The Business Enterprise Program (BEP) provides full time job opportunities for legally blind Mississippians who are self-employed businesspersons.
Independent Living Services for the Blind provides services that enable blind or visually impaired individuals to meet their independent living goals. Types of services provided include but are not limited to: peer group counseling, assistive technology evaluation, adjustment services, orientation and mobility training, personal adjustment instruction and training in techniques for daily living. 
Itinerant Teacher Program provides specially trained teachers that provide services to consumers served by OVRB. Itinerant teachers provide services in the consumer’s home, community or work environment. Teachers work closely with the OVRB counselors to coordinate services, evaluate client needs, develop living-needs plans and instructional materials and provide on-site training.
OVRB has rehabilitation counselors who specialize in providing services to individuals who are blind or visually impaired. Counselors provide/coordinate services leading to employment which include assessment, personal adjustment and vocational training, counseling, physical restoration, low vision aids, and job placement and follow-up. For more information go to contact information or call 1-800-443-1000."
Mailing Addres: PO Box 1698, Jackson, MS 39215

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