MISSISSIPPI Project START (Success Through Assistive Rehabilitative Technology)

Address: 2250 Peachtree Street, Addie McBryde Center, Fourth Floor Rm 418
Jackson, MS 39216
Phone: (601) 987-4872 Fax: (601) 3642349 Email: dyoung@mdrs.ms.gov Website: http://www.msprojectstart.org/index.php

Mississippi Project START (Success Through Assistive Rehabilitative Technology) was established to provide information about assistive technology to consumers and other interested parties so they may make informed decisions about available assistive technology services.

Programs and Services Include:

  • Device Demonstration
  • Device Training
  • Public Awareness
  • Device Loan Program – The Loan Program offers people with disabilities the opportunity to try equipment free of charge. Consumers can borrow the device and “try it out” to learn about the equipment before purchasing.
  • Device Reutilization Program – The program redistributes used equipment that has been sanitized, checked for safety, and repaired for appropriate use. Project START collects donations from across the State and prepares it for redistribution to persons who need assistive technology but can’t afford it and have no other resource to acquire it.
  • Funding Information on Devices

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