Montana Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (MDHHS)

Address: 3911 Central Avenue, PO Box 6433
Great Falls, MT 59407
Phone: (406) 771-9053 Fax: (406) 7718056 Email: Website:

Vocational Rehabilitation Program

Department of Public Health & Human Services

MDHHS, a division of the Montana Association of the Deaf, is a nonprofit organization serving the deaf and hard of hearing citizens of Montana with an array of services. MDHHS's mission is to enhance the quality of life of deaf and hard of hearing Montanans. It's goals are: to advocate for statewide accessibility and promote empowerment for deaf and hard of hearing consumers; to provide an interpreter referral system; to advocate for and develop employment opportunities; to provide community education. To accomplish these goals, MDHHS will offer advocacy services, information and referral, interpreter referral system, employment services, community education, and networking services. MDHHS was established in 1999 and not all services are available at this time. 

TTY: 406-771-9194


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