Municipal AnchorRIDES

Address: 3625 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Avenue, Suite A
Anchorage, AK 99507-1222
Phone: (907) 343-7433 Fax: 907.249.8020 Email: Website:


AnchorRIDES is a shared ride service providing curb-to-curb trips in compliance with various funding sources, providing transportation service to people with disabilities, senior citizens and other contracted trips. AnchorRIDES offers a shared ride, curb-to-curb or door-to-door service and schedules the service as either demand trips or subscription trips.
Curb-to-curb A rider with curb-to-curb service eligibility meets the vehicle at the curb to board.  A request for door-to-door service or PCA eligibility may be made by calling 343-7433.
Door-to-Door Demand Trips are scheduled each time transportation is needed. It applies to passengers who travel to different destinations at varied times. Trip requests can be made as many as seven days in advance or as soon as the day before the preferred travel time. Each trip must be scheduled through a phone call to AnchorRIDES Customer Services at 562-8444. Trip requests can not be accommodated on the same day. AnchorRIDES demand service can be used for any trip purpose, including shopping, medical, social visits, work, and school or training. 

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