My Stroller® Adaptive Stroller Program

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Variety’s My Stroller® Program is designed for children and youth who have a documented disability; reside in Variety’s service area; are 3 through 21 years of age; meet the income guidelines; as well as the other eligibility requirements outlined in the application.

A Program to Provide Participation and Safety

Imagine not being able to get up and go wherever and whenever you wanted, especially as a family unit. Nothing in life could be spontaneous or unplanned. Unfortunately for families of children with disabilities, this is a reality.

For kids that use a wheelchair, the equipment can be very heavy (especially for parents); it usually does not break down to fit easily in a car; it can be unsafe in large crowds, especially to maneuver; or it can restrict where a child is able to go. For many kids that only have a wheelchair, it means missing out on events in the community, or not being with family and friends.

For other kids that are runners, bolters, or are simply unaware of their surroundings, it becomes unsafe when they are out in the community, and therefore, they might miss out on experiences with their family and friends.

An adaptive strollers can fill the gap for all the times when you need a simpler way to get around and to ensure safety. Without it, many families are isolated, and kids are left out or left behind.

Go Anywhere, Together

In November 2014, Variety unveiled its My Stroller® Program to provide children with disabilities on-the-go mobility and the chance to participate in daily activities in the community. Every adaptive stroller is individually customized for each child. They are light weight, can easily fold-up and fit into a standard trunk, provide increased safety for the child (especially in crowds), allow for easier mobility, and have an immediate impact for kids.

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