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Speech Therapy
Licensed speech language pathologists focus on assessing and treating the areas of: oral motor, articulation, phonology, fluency, voice, feeding, receptive and expressive language, language processing, social/pragmatic language, cognitive and aural/hearing rehabilitation. Our therapists have experience with both pediatrics and adults.

Occupational Therapy
Licensed occupational therapists focus on helping individuals of all ages gain or regain their ability to participate in everyday situations and/or activities. Common activities include but are not limited to fine motor, sensory integration and balance.

Physical Therapy
Licensed physical therapists focus on promoting gross motor wellness by increasing mobility, function, and quality of life to the patients they serve. Developmental Therapy Licensed health therapists can focus on giving a well rounded approach to your loved one’s developmental needs by providing a service that targets all areas of concern, working with other team professionals to supplement traditional therapy.

Developmental Tutoring
Professionals with an academic background are trained and mentored by a licensed professional to offer you this supplemental service, which works to aide therapy and further push the patient to success with their developmental and/or rehabilitative goals.


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6405 NW 36th street #105
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p : (305) 526-2426
f : (305) 856-7600

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