National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability (NCHPAD)

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"NCHPAD is an information center concerned with physical activity and disability. Being physically active is good for every body. That's a message you will find many times on this site. Being active is an important part of getting and staying healthy. One 'must read' item on this website is our monograph on Can Disability, Chronic Conditions, Health and Wellness Coexist? in which author June Kailles discusses the common confusion people have about the relationship between having a disability and being healthy. Once you realize that EVERY BODY needs some activity to get and remain healthy, you will find we have a great many resources to help you find how YOU can participate. We have information and resources for EVERYONE, from guidelines to consider before starting any kind of exercise program to fact-sheets on many popular activities, games, recreational pursuits, and sports that have been adapted to allow people with disabilities to participate as fully as they wish, become as active as they wish.

Our goal is to provide you with options and information to help you pursue whatever kind of activity you think you would enjoy. The important thing is not what you do, but that you do something. Indoor or outdoor, recreational or competitive, solo or team, easy or intensive, NCHPAD has the resources, contacts, and assistance you need. Look through our site. Let us know what we can do to help YOU become more active.

Remember too, that we depend on YOU to keep this site current, active, and dynamic. Tell us what you want to see on this site. Tell us about places, programs, or experiences you have had that you think may be of benefit to others who visit this site. We want to build a network of contributors who can share information through this site as well as with one another. Our success depends upon YOU. Help us be successful by helping you achieve what you want to achieve.

Information About NCHPAD

The mission of the National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability (NCHPAD) is to promote substantial health benefits that can be gained from participating in regular physical activity. The slogan of NCHPAD is Exercise is for EVERY body, and every person can gain some health benefit from being more physically active. This site provides information and resources that can enable people with disabilities to become as physically active as they choose to be."

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