National Volunteer Caregiving Network

Address: PO Box 7271
Round Rock, TX 78683
Phone: 512-582-2197 Email: NO EMAIL Website:

Officially established in 2007, the National Volunteer Caregiving Network (NVCN) received its 501(c) (3) IRS designation in 2008. Originally designated as the Faith in Action National Network until 2011, when the name was changed in order to advance its enduring mission to support sustainable volunteer caregiving programs.

The National Volunteer Caregiving Network exists to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas that help strengthen and support hundreds of local volunteer caregiving programs throughout the US and to foster the establishment of new interfaith volunteer caregiving programs.

For inquires and to offer your support, please call the office at 512-582-2197.

Our mission is to create independent living through the advocacy, support, and development of local Volunteer Caregiving programs. Everybody should have the choice of independent living in their home of choice. We are responsive to individuals, groups, and communities with hopes that someday this vision will become a reality.

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