Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Address: 4600 Valley Road, Suite 420
Lincoln, NE 68510-4844
Phone: (402) 471-3593 Email: Website:

The mission of the Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is to provide advocacy, communication access and information to enhance awareness and services for improving the quality of life for all who experience hearing loss. Being a proactive state agency, the Commission works towards building support, cooperation, and understanding regardless of hearing ability resulting in fairness and equality for all Nebraskans. Its purposes are: to provide services and training to promote awareness by delivering programs that empower Deaf and Hard of Hearing Nebraskans; to implement programs through collaboration with consumer groups, The Governor, legislature, organizations, service providers, and agencies; to broaden the collection and dissemination of information on deafness and hearing loss; to ensure full access to comprehensive mental health, alcoholism and substance abuse services for deaf and hard of hearing persons by collaborating with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and all other behavioral health service providers; to ensure and implement effective access of interpreting services by collaborating with consumer groups, organizations and agencies. 

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