Nebraska Special Education Program

Address: 301 Centennial Mall South, PO Box 94987
Lincoln, NE 68509-4987
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Nebraska Department of Education

The Office of Special Education administers all educational programs supporting children with disabilities, including monitoring, assessment, conflict resolution, etc. Results Matter in Nebraska is a child, program, and family outcomes measurement system designed and implemented to improve programs and supports for all young children birth to age five (B-5) served by districts and their community partners, which may include Head Start and other community early childhood programs. Districts and ESUs are expected to serve children within inclusive classrooms that represent a full range of abilities and disabilities and the social, linguistic, and economic diversity of families within the community.Results Matter measures child progress and program quality to accomplish these purposes: improve experiences, learning, development, and lives of young children birth to age five and their families; inform program practices; demonstrate program effectiveness; guide the development of local and state policies and procedures; and, provide data to demonstrate results.

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