Neurodevelopmental Diagnostic Center for Young Children – Davidsonville – Crofton MD

Address: 2772 Rutland Road
Davidsonville, MD 21035
Phone: (410) 798-7934 Fax: (410) 7984801 Email: Website:

Led by Dr. Carole Samango-Sprouse, a world-renowned specialist in neurogenetic and developmental disorders, The
Neurodevelopmental Diagnostic Center for Young Children conducts neurodevelopmental assessments of boys
and girls (ages infancy through adolescence) who have learning difficulties and neurodevelopmental disorders.

NDCYC's comprehensive testing facilitates and helps identify the need for evaluations by interventionists such as psychologists and physical, occupational and speech therapists.

With the information obtained from testing, recommendations can be made for optimizing a child’s neurodevelopmental progression. An NDCYC assessment is key to developing an appropriate therapeutic program and identifying the trained professionals who are needed to implement that program. In addition, a variety of strategies and, in consultation with medical professionals, pharmaceutical interventions may be implemented to optimize a child’s development and promote recovery.

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