Neurological Institute, Kansas (KNI)

Address: 3107 W. 21st St.
Topeka,, KS 66604-3298
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Our Vision- KNI will be a leader and community resource in providing individualized supports.
Our Mission – To support each person who lives at KNI to have a meaningful life.


Seating Clinic- KNI's seating clinic provides wheelchair fitting and adjustment services. Requesting the service does not require a referral from a CDDO.
The typical evaluation takes around 2 hours. We discuss your goals for the visit, we might make minor adjustments or repairs (bring parts!), do a mat evaluation, take measurements, try out new equipment, do pressure mapping, and then make recommendations as part of a discussion between you, our therapist, anyone you want to include, and the vendor.

Once the evaluation is complete, we will provide a letter to the vendor/medical equipment supplier of your choice, outlining our recommendations. The vendor will seek prior authorization from the funding source (Medicare, insurance, etc.). Once authorization is received, the vendor will order the equipment and you will receive it from them. The vendor can schedule a follow-up visit for you to come back so we can make sure the system is meeting your goals.

Other Services – KNI’s staff is frequently called upon by community-based organizations to help with needs that cannot be met through resources available within the community. Some of the areas in which KNI has been able to provide assistance are dental care, positive behavioral support, assistive technology and accessibility issues, and medical evaluation and care. KNI has also provided occasional short-term admissions to address issues that cannot be effectively addressed through the provision of outreach services.

Services from KNI, including outreach services, must be requested and approved through the Community Developmental Disability Organization (CDDO) for the county in which the person lives and must be services that cannot be provided or arranged through the community services system.


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